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Aroma pillow 'Hello happy soul' - fresh mint


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  • for good mood moments
  • Handmade in Hamburg
  • with finely balanced medicinal herbal mixtures

Aromatherapy is a beneficial and natural way to harmonize body, mind and soul using essential oils.

Our aroma pillow with the scent of lemon verbena, sunflowers and mint promises joie de vivre, energy and a good mood . Whether you want to help your child to have moments of well-being and lightheartedness while discovering the world with these essential oils or you are looking for wellness for the soul yourself - our calming pillow lets the scent of happiness and awakens memories of seemingly endless days out in nature. Hello happy soul!


Place the aroma pillow under the pillow, in the child's bed
or in the stroller. The scent and essential oils
have a calming effect:

Balancing and relaxing effect. Especially
It helps the little ones to calm down before falling asleep.
Provides comfort and calms fears. Has a gently uplifting effect
and has a strengthening effect.
Has a calming effect and can help small children
help you fall asleep peacefully and sleep through the night.
Wheat grains:
slightly massaging effect

· Joint development with Nina Heine -
Health coach www.ninaheine.de


MATERIALS & CARE · Made from high-quality, organically certified linen fiber · handmade cotton tassel · To wash the linen cover you can use the Remove inner cushion · The outer cushion is washable at 40°


DETAILS · Dimensions: 19 cm x 7 cm · Contents: Lemon verbena, sunflower, mint and Organic wheat grains. · Each pillow is hand sewn & hand filled · Made in Hamburg For hygienic reasons: no returns possible.

A brand for families who value quality, timeless aesthetics and a natural lifestyle.


Our company, which was founded by us as a married couple and passionate parents of two sons, is a true Hamburg family business. UNIQUE LOVE Design is a brand for families who value quality, timeless aesthetics and a natural lifestyle.


Our products accompany families in a unique time and we want to make it as beautiful as possible. High quality, functionality and a timeless emotional aesthetic are important to us in our designs. Each product is designed in our Hamburg studio and is available exclusively from UNIQUE LOVE Design and now from selected retailers around the world.

Carefully crafted, carefully thought out


As a company, we aim to make our brand sustainable through conscious decisions. That's why we question these aspects every day in our work. To meet our high quality standards, we always use renewable and natural materials. We also pay attention to durability in our design, because we believe that timeless design is loved and passed on across multiple generations.

Would you like to find out more about us? Then take a look at the ABOUT section.

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