UNIQUE LOVE was founded in 2010 by Antje Arik shortly before her first son was born.

At that time, she missed timeless, high-quality children's fashion. With her special eye for aesthetics and a clear line, the qualified communications designer created her own product ideas in small editions for her own family and friends. With increasing demand, UNIQUE LOVE quickly established itself as a high-quality brand for families who value quality, timeless aesthetics and a natural lifestyle.

Despite the constant growth, UNIQUE LOVE remains a family business. Antje's husband Berkant Arik forms the management board with her and heads the commercial area and production. The Hamburg head office team now has 10 employees. The committed grandparents also support the company with their many years of experience and expertise.

Since then, UNIQUE LOVE has been characterized by genuine handcraft and a loving, multicultural family bond.


Every love is unique. Our products reflect this to our children, to ourselves and to our surroundings. It is precisely this feeling that shapes the design of our UNIQUE LOVE products.

The selected, certified, sustainable materials and our high quality standards guarantee the longevity of the products. Craftsmanship expertise and resource-saving use of the environment - this is what UNIQUE LOVE stands for to this day.

We create unique designs based on these values. If our products become loyal companions in your life, remain in your memory and are passed on to future generations, we have fully realized our philosophy.


UNIQUE LOVE products bear Antje's individual signature. Her design language and cuts are clear and puristic with loving details. Our creations are inspired by nature, different cultures, generations and their traditions. These impressions are combined in our designs to create a timeless design.

When choosing colors, we focus on natural, understated tones that are not subject to fashion. All materials are carefully selected by us and processed in small factories. Our design standards aim to ensure that products are manufactured where the raw materials are naturally occurring and grow back. We attach great importance to preserving and appreciating unique craftsmanship.


We make our production process and our quality standards transparent for our partners. All of our products are manufactured under carefully controlled, safe and fair conditions. We manufacture the majority of our products in our studio in Hamburg. This means we make no compromises in terms of employment or production.

We are always guided by our defined values ​​and make our business decisions carefully based on our social and environmental responsibility. Whenever possible, we choose the sustainable path in order to protect resources and the environment.


We love what we do. This passion is reflected in our daily work and also in our products and their loving details. We are convinced that timeless design will always prevail and this motivates us to create more favorite pieces for very special moments in life. For the future, we are thinking further about UNIQUE LOVE and see our products as companions for the whole family in all the moments that life gives us.

We believe that UNIQUE LOVE products are part of your memories, your present and your future and accompany you in your life, your home and your family. In addition to our well-known Kids Essentials, we are already planning new products for moms, dads, your home and your self-care routine.

Our mission remains:
“Life is about moments that remain in your memory – UNIQUE LOVE creates the products for that”